The Nitty Gritty of Weddings: Hidden Issues in Wedding Planning You Need to Tackle

A wedding is the biggest event most people will ever plan, endure, or enjoy. Many books have been written about wedding planning and are filled with innumerable tips. But, let’s tackle this subject bravely as we first declare that if you have never planned a wedding before, do not underestimate how much you will have to spend, how to choose the perfect Melbourne reception venues, and how far ahead of the date you should plan!

Your wedding is a show – this is show business.

This may sound crass or insensitive but let’s get real. Your obligation is to put on a show that impresses the women, period. Forget about the fathers, the brothers, the uncles, the male business associates invited – plan your wedding specifically for the women planned to be in attendance. Choose great Melbourne reception venues fit for a queen.  Give the women a good show, and your wedding will be a success, guaranteed.

There is no specific dollar range that ensures success.

You can blow tens of thousands and have a public relations disaster. On the other hand, don’t get hysterical about the location of the Melbourne reception venues and the cost of everything. And these days, you are free to talk about having both families help absorb the cost. It is an axiom that nothing guarantees success, but a lack of planning will guarantee dismal failure. So plan, plan, plan for every detail and put it neatly and legibly on paper.

The more months you have to plan, the more options you have for everything like the budget wedding venues Melbourne has, including some room to re-negotiate with certain vendors.

Considerations for Planning the Date

Arrange the Transportation

If a number of relatives and friends are having to fly in, check with some local hotels or motels as far as a group rate for those dates and let people know right away.

Get in Touch With Your Connections

Get specific contracts with your vendors – bands, DJ, florists, caterers, bakery – have everything in writing. And ask for additional costs that could be charged to you such as traveling, over time, sales tax. Insist on all the details in the contract. Be suspicious if your vendor doesn’t like this.

Choosing Wedding Photo Packages

When negotiating on a wedding photography package, specify to your photographer that you want a very efficient picture-taking schedule. Concentrate on photos. Don’t schmooze with the photographer if it distracts them from getting the next shot. Your guests are waiting patiently for the photography to be finished. Also, remember that your caterer at the reception hall venues for a wedding reception in Dandenongs is depending on you sticking to your schedule to show up so that food will be at its peak.

Children in the Wedding Entourage

Weigh the cuteness factor versus the unpredictability factor when thinking about using children in the ceremony under the age of five. They have notoriously small attention spans during the boredom of dry clerical recitations. If you plan to have a friend or relative read a poem or selection during the ceremony please have a rehearsal reading to check for mispronounced words and clarity. And for the love of all, make it short!

Wrap Up

Understand that this wedding is also the joining of two entire families. If you are different in religion, background or culture, celebrate each side’s uniqueness and emphasize the things in common – love for the bride and groom, for instance. To go with that, enjoy the planning and finding the best wedding reception function venues and don’t fight with anybody! Check out

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